.He wears two small silver hoops in his left ear, and dresses very smartly; typically in modest colors such as black, white, and grey, though he is seen in red pants before the Opera.He is vacuous, effeminate and narcissistic.His mask is often changing and attached by six metal clasps implanted into his marred skin.He is shown to be quite charismatic and somewhat of a lady killer, both metaphorically and literally.His hair is shoulder-length, jet-black and slicked back. Harry potter bodyguard fleur delacour fanfiction. Pavi, like his siblings, is very keen to inherit GeneCo, and therefore could be seen as a bit of a plutomaniac.He, and others, see him as a ladies man, and he is rarely seen without a Gentern or other women nearby

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When he did start experiencing pangs, though, he made up for lost time with a frenzied enthusiasm.Drugs would be done, fights would start, and more often than not, something bad happened.Nothing visible, nothing that could be identified or pinned to one person.The next game was “Suggest that My Brother and Sister Should F-”.The Pavi had to think of what-a would be most shocking to you.He walked a graceful line between hardened masculinity and soft femininity that made it easy to walk into a bar and spark the interest of more than a few men and women. Attack on Titan. Someone would get pummeled close to death, or someone would go missing.Luigi would go out, maybe to an illicit gathering, maybe to a private party at someone’s residence..Even in a suit he looked more like a mobster than a businessman.They got almost as much out of Pavi as he got from them.It hadn’t taken long for Luigi to guess who had started the rumor.Certainly nothing that passed the threshold past alleged crime.At some point the oldest Largo had realized that if he wanted to instill a vote of to head GeneCo, he would have to actually be present at their place of work.What does Amber seem to know that he doesn't.Well, Pavi had something to change that.Bringing his lips up to Luigi’s ear, he whispered what he had been planning in his most serious voice.He skulked more so than walked, his thick, black hair coiffed back.Most people knew to stay on the eldest Largo's good side, but the message never seemed to stick to Pavi.When Pavi's flirtations and games finally escalate too far, though, it's Luigi who's left reeling with questions.It’s legacy and monopolistic endeavors, Rotti’s life’s work, had performed beyond their wildest expectations, even in the wake of their founder’s death.No child of the Largo family—or as his sister would call him, man- child—should have to put up with the sense-dulling, brain-melting, libido-draining sensation of having nothing to do.”. Dark souls funny. After three months of no comments on his increasingly feminine faces, Pavi decided to put it on hold and start a new one in the meantime.Ladies and gentlemen alike swooned when he pulled out the Italian accent. “How Angry Can The Pavi Make Luigi Without Him Hurting Me?”.For someone who revels in being untouchable, why can't he move away when Pavi reaches out to him.The story starts out a little more lighthearted (there's just so many fun things to do with Pavi), but will get more serious and serialized next chapter.Some of the minor outlets had picked up the story, but Rotti—rest his soul—had shut down the story nearly immediately.

Films Cultes Materiel De Dessin Connerie Idees De Cosplay Fonds D'ecran Pour Telephone Genetique Films Punk Pastel Tenues De Caractere Genetique Manchettes Edition Photographique Shilo's dress for the opera - black strapless satin with empire waist.The Genetic Opera screencaps Rock Gothique Genetique Papier Pavi and GENterns Fantome De L'opera Les Miserables Genetique Fandoms Logan Anatomie Pinterest Explorer Se connecter S'inscrire Confidentialite.Amber is happy for them and a very jealous Luigi plots revenge by sel.Also black thigh highs and knee-high strappy boots, fishnet armwarmers, and a cameo necklace..The Genetic Opera screencaps Image result for Repo. Castiel and Meg Masters. Humour Geek Genetique Comedies Musicales Carnaval Affiches Tour Rock Gothique Face Time With Pavi Largo Things between Pavi and Bella are growing closer

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Don’t fuckin’ walk away when I’m talkin’ to you!”.Comments: 13 Kudos: 53 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 1123.The Genetic Opera (2008) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Movies) The Collector Series (Movies) Friday the 13th Series (Movies) The Boy (2016 Bell).

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Happiness.His last thought before everything went black and oblivion overtook him was their future.Jennifer licked her lips and slithered on his torso, reaching his neck where she kissed and nibbled, spent and exhausted.His temper was in full control; he didn't feel like he had anything to get mad at.He had one arm wrapped around her and he kept her close as he felt her moving less and less as she was falling asleep on his neck, her lips touching the tender skin.. By dagga19.jpg · Lightning x Hope. She took her seat next to him, pushing her chair closer to his.Luigi got dressed in his finest suits, shoes and his hair was slicked back and flawless.Luigi smiled back at her, setting the half-finished coffee mug down and leaned in just when she leaned into him to kiss his lips lovingly.They both smiled into the kiss before breaking it. No more misery.But nothing could prepare me for how much special you would be for my dark heart. She wore a black, slim dress that hugged her body gracefully, underlying her breast deliciously.The life he deserved.He did the same when they reached the restaurant their date would take place at.He felt the air leaving his lungs for good when she appeared at the entrance of the building her apartment was.She was stunning.After round number four with his gorgeous fiancee, Luigi fell back on the pillows of his king size bed, panting and smiling.He was grinning so much he felt his cheeks hurting after a while but he didn't pay any attention to it.He joined her in the driver's seat and took off to her place.As a violinist walked to them, playing a love tune they both loved, the Largo heir reached in his internal pocket of his jacket, taking a small black velvet box out of it. Acrylic Stand Key Ring Rural Rom. Black high-heels, hair pulled back in a ponytail with strands of curls framing the sides of her face.There they were now, two years later, in a relationship nobody would had ever guessed for Luigi ever.You are the most important thing in my life. Joy.The gesture made her chuckle as she followed him.He got out of the car first and opened the door for her.He got rewarded with a soft kiss on his lips and a tight hug to his side.But nothing could prepare Jennifer for the surprise Luigi had for her in the end.He pushed the thought of his younger brother out of his brain, not willing to let it spoil the stunning sight of the young girl in front of him. Support.How tomorrow would be the first day of the rest of his life.At last, happiness. At last. Love.She knew all about Luigi Largo and she knew what she was getting into when she started dating him.

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Little did Shilo know, Mag was actually her godmother, though she didn't know Shilo was even alive until they met that night.Amber sighed, this time not as harshly, and guided a weeping Shilo over to the limousine.It all started when she was simply visiting her mother's grave, trying to catch a bug.Even though she could only watch Mag sing on her TV, she admired Mag and wanted to be just like her growing up. More and more drops began to fall onto her right before it started to downpour.Chances are he wouldn't want to deal with a hungry, grieving young girl. Momma bosco. She glanced over to her sprawled out arm to see what it was before feeling another drip on her nose.Yet he had no desire to hand down the company to either of them, as he even went to insult and disown his own children on stage before he fell down dead.Amber smiled knowing she was finally beginning to get onto Shilo's good side— somewhat.The only person she could ever possibly bear seeing again would probably be the Graverobber.More commonly known as Blind Mag, the now late voice of GeneCo, Mag was another person Shilo held dear to her heart.But I created this fic because I tend to write Amber as an antagonist (or Shilo at least seeing Amber as an enemy) so I decided why not try a universe where they're on friendly terms.With the lack of further detail on what lead up to it and how he let it happen, Shilo didn't know what exactly to believe.How she was going to pick herself back up without any support.Being housebound all her life without any experience in the outside world, she didn't know how she was going to live a normal life.A slight wave of relief rippled through Amber.Her hair was no longer black, but now a darkish red, and her eyes, now a tealish blue, stared into her soul.Shilo's father, Nathan, one she had known to be a protective yet caring father, a skilled doctor, turned out to bear another face.To add on more confusion, all of it came from the mouth of Rotti Largo, the now late founder and CEO of GeneCo.Laying on the cold cement ground, Shilo stared up at the night horizon above her.The rain was hitting even harder than it was before.It was also revealed to her that Rotti and her mother had once dated, only for Marni to leave him for Nathan, breaking his heart. All her life, she believed she was ill. Sanji and robin. Of course, she refused, and Rotti did the deed himself.You probably weren't there to see it, but something in my plastic surgery fucked up and my face literally fell off.Shilo perked up as she feels something wet on her arm.

Maquilleur Orlando Face Paint 1?513 abonnes.New Carribean inspired makeup coming soon.Thank you soooo much for all the creativity you brought to this production..S?inscrire Videos connexes 0:04 Did you get a good New Year?s kiss?.Find the Tink Girls at Daytona Bike Week on Main Street and Noble. Seho fanfic. Artiste Awkward Fox Body Paint 1?797 abonnes.Agence evenementielle Texas Body Paint Competition 1?817 abonnes.What are we thankful for on this beautiful Sunday.Artiste Fantasy Fest Body Painting 1?959 abonnes.Galerie d?art Mandillustrations 691 abonnes.Arts visuels Carolyn Woods I Body Paint You 1?435 abonnes.Arts et divertissement Paint and Body Art by JM 1?030 abonnes.Artiste Pages Personnalite publique Artiste Mandi Ilene Body Art Videos Pavi Largo from Repo.Mandi Ilene Body Art 106 vues ? 20 janvier 2020 0:06 Got to paint with this amazing new makeup company this weekend

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He never scared me.Exploring an open infection zone was asking for trouble, even if I pulled out every saving grace I had.The grocery store my father and I went to was strictly healthy foods, because Mom insisted with my disease that we all eat as healthy as possible. Wallace would never leave the home connected to his wife’s grave.I raised my arms slowly, showing I had nothing to hide.I wasn’t about to let another opportunity for a walk slip past me. Lance Prince's Profile. He knew better than to get with his “clients”.I knew that the lockdown procedure would have been called eventually. I checked my white blood cell count this morning.In a bout of depression from being stuck inside, I drew silly faces on all the masks left in the box.He never swears around other people if he can help it.There was a weekly support group for a while, kids with debilitating diseases.I only knew he had had one because I saw the scar on his stomach when he reached high above him, climbing to safety from one of Largo’s henchmen.I grabbed what I needed to check my blood levels.Mom and Dad chatted a bit, asked him and I how our days went.”.As I digested the food, I did the same with the morning.He tried holding it together for a few years, but he never really was the same.He has a rare blood disorder, he's sick of being trapped in his house all the time, and his humor is just a little bit twisted.Or the other people that frequented the place.I sat on the wheeled stool and pushed myself around the room.I only figured out it was him because Amber Sweet blew past me, fury rolling off of her in waves.After a couple weeks without him, people stopped bothering to show up. Shall we date leo. Besides, the more he denied, the more they bought to try and con him into sex.They even haunted my dreams, along with Shilo, and the idea of ditching my family and running around with Graves.I listened, knowing how much trouble I’d get in if I didn’t.Since I’d already been caught in the lockdown, it was a bad idea to be caught out where I wasn’t supposed to be again.As it was, I left my gas mask at home, as well as my antibiotics. Almost.I worked quietly at the lab bench, using the time between active work to write more in my journal.It was the familiar smell of the city, and I loved it.They wanted a medical professional who was just as good a doctor as he was a father.The wheels sounded smooth against the concrete, providing the background noise I needed to think.They had sent a repo man to catch Graves.The skinny one, the one with the higher voice, came to talk to me.

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Just leave me alone they're my biggest OTP and I NEED to write fluff about them, K thank you.

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“Go on home now, it’s late. Tawnie- 23. Largo and the rumors aside.Tawnie was awestruck, a few tears had managed to escape from her eyes.” And he left in a flash, off to go back to his own work in his office.Tawnie grabbed her pen and resumed working on her planner as if she hadn’t seen him, pushing thoughts of her old boss and Mr. The list vivian. Luigi straightened back up, folding his arms as he spoke, “Pah, typical of that bitch to dole out that much work at the end of the day and scamper off so she doesn’t have to do it. Amber (Carmela)- 12. “Hey, how long have you been here today anyways, girl?” he asked suddenly, giving his wristwatch a glance.She was expected to finish it all by Friday and it was Wednesday.She grabbed her planner from the other side of the new stack of papers and set to checking off the tasks she had completed that day, and then adding new things she needed to work on. “Damn! They giving you overtime at least?” “No. Pavi- 20.The lights flickered and then she heard brisk footsteps entering the accounting department’s large office going towards the fax machine a few cubicles down from her.A slip of consciousness with a longing for recognition.We can’t be losing hard workers like you, now can we?” She was unable to break eye contact, “Thank you very much sir!” He knew her name.No point in spending all of her time dwelling on things she couldn’t change and sighing every few minutes.” He shoved the money into her hands on her lap.Her coworkers had whispered about why they suddenly had a new manager and what may have happened to their old one.

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